T.Sliders is a trombone choir.

Next rehearsal to be arranged

I have played trombone for almost half a century, wow I sound old!  Why the trombone? The trombone in my opinion is the most versatile, true sounding and the most beautiful instrument out of all the wind instruments. You need to utilise all your musical abilities to successfully create the unique and exquisite sound of the instrument and make it sing. It also happens to be the loudest of all the brass instruments.

It has always been a wish to play in a trombone choir or a trombone ensemble after hearing a group of six trombones play when I was very young. Over the last couple of years, I have scaled back my teaching within the education establishment, and had time to participate more in performing with various bands as well as delivering more musicianship sessions working with young musicians around the Teesside area. Whilst doing this, I have had the pleasure of not only teaching but  also play alongside some talented people and this gave me the impetus and motivation into developing the T.Sliders.

We are a group of regular trombone players, ranging in ages from 20 through to late 50’s. We all have one thing in common, a love for the trombone and especially a group of trombones all playing together.

Having discussed the possibilities with an accomplished student, and other players from various bands around the area, I decided to set a date and invite a few trombone players for a blow. This was in April of this year, 2014. I enlisted the help of a fledged student, Dan Chirnside to source some music and arranged some other scores myself in preparation for this rehearsal. This rehearsal was absolutely fantastic, what a sound!! The birth of the ‘T.Sliders’ had occurred.

We have now a very willing and able group of up to eleven trombone players very keen and eager to play. A mutual decision was made that we would try and get together whenever our work and banding commitments would allow. We come from various bands around the area, North Skelton, Silverwood, Cleveland community Police Band, Cockerton Prize Silver Band, Marske Band and the Jubilee Wind Band.

We have met a total of three times to date although we probably will struggle to meet up now until late June. We have our first official performance as part of the brass band extravaganza of the Stockton Summer Show due to be held in Preston Park, 25th August Bank Holiday Monday later this year. There will be four brass bands and the T.Sliders so well worth popping along.

If you would like to know more or you are a trombonist interested in the possibility of coming along to our next rehearsal, contact Chris on teessidemusic@hotmail.co.uk for more information.