About Teesside Music

Here at Teesside Music  we want to help you reach your musical potential  - Just contact us to book a music lesson for piano, trombone or other brass instrument, or music theory needs!

My names Christine Britland, founder of Teesside Music. I am a female, fully qualified music teacher with 40 years experience of performing and teaching practical musicianship to varying abilities and ages.  My success rate in music lessons is over 99% in all of the time I have been teaching music. Past students include a concert pianist, as well as heads of music in schools around the country and also those who are successfully teaching music privately now themselves.

My teaching experience also includes teaching in primary school as a music specialist, and also as a volunteer teaching recorder and voice. I have also taught mathematics, physics, science and music within the secondary and Sixth Form environment too.

I currently play principle trombone with a fairly local first section competing brass band, hard work at competition times but full of lovely people, and play principle trombone with a local Jazz and Blues orchestra which is great fun.  I also play solo euphonium with a local wind band, this wind band has grown in size over the last two years also – currently has over fifty playing members!  I have been the resident music teacher/coach for other competing brass band and also musical director of another. Busy!

I have the privilege of leading Bilsdale Silver Band, and have undertaken the role of Musical Director, since 2017. The band has grown in size and also in confidence, now playing more challenging and more up-to-date music as well as the usual you will hear any brass band play. It’s brilliant being able to do this and I get such a buzz out of doing it.

I have also recently set up a trombone choir and run this with a student who has recently passed his grade 8 trombone with Distinction. We call ourselves the T.Sliders!! Unfortunately we don’t seem to be able to manage to find a suitable time to practice at the moment and so it appears we are a ‘sleeping trombone choir’!

I love teaching and playing. There is nothing like hearing a student play or do something successfully, it makes me buzz and is why I do what I do.

If you want to learn to play for fun, or to perform, get in touch with us at Teesside Music.  Music is therapeutic and a great way to meet others with similar interests. It is also now recognised as helping the brain to function more effectively too according to the local press and other research.

“Music comes from the heart, to the heart” and it sure helps me.